Redbridge Cycle Centre

Forest Rd, Hainault

Ilford IG6 3HP


Lambourne End Centre

Manor Rd, Lambourne End RM4 1NB


Lambourne End Centre is a charity working with a wide range of groups and individuals.

Our aim is to provide a safe clean and welcoming environment for the shared benefit of all our users.

In order for us to do this we need the cooperation of all our visitors. Please follow these few simple rules:


Site speed limit is 10mph MAX there are always children and animals around please keep to the limit.

Traffic control any cones/ barriers/ signs are to be followed and not removed.

Noise to be kept to a low level for the benefit of other site users and our neighbours.

No music after 11pm.

All rubbish to be cleared from site and recycled in to the correct containers.

Wood will be supplied for a camp fire (not a bonfire) no other wood from the site to be taken.

No cans bottles or other rubbish to be put in the fire.

 In the event of very wet ground no vehicles will be allowed on grassed areas.

Any accidental damage to be reported to a member of LEC staff.

Cabin area and toilet block to be left in a clean and tidy condition.(That includes doing the washing up)

No access to adventure or farm/ livestock areas.

Please follow instructions given by UKSSA marshalls and Lambourne end staff.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Tony Sharps Farm and Site Manager