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Crackling 2019 Schedule

Updated: Jul 20, 2019



-Signup and arrivals from 12:00 onwards.

-When most people are here Brandon will take track briefing and will open the full track, probably around 13:00. Until this time there will be no use of any hills, however you may roll around the flat area at the top and test out some ramps. You lot will just be chatting anyway!

-Once the track is opened get skating!

First event is the dance jam on the Flat area at the top We will have some of the UK’s keenest dance experts teaching and giving tips. TALK TO THEM! Should take place somewhere been 14:00/15:00. Remember use the terrain!

-All afternoon the UKSSA will be running hybrid slalom on the hill running parallel with the Flat Ground. Feel free to chat to these guys and have a go at wiggling yourself.

-After the dance jam it's a quick trip to the cafe for a drink then everyone's straight to the Freeride hill for a Gnarly slide jam of maximum airtime and carnage.

-I, along with a few of the freeride geniuses the scene has to offer, will be giving tips and trick inspiration to those scared of sliding. Remember Ramps=Points Some time around 16:00.

-After this its a Chance to get some practice on the Downhill track, We wanna to see FAT FAT pack runs, flag runs and pros helping beginners with their speed and technique. -We need to be packed up and off site by 18:00!

The Campsite:

- Between 18:00 and 19:00 you guys should be grabbing lots of Chinese, pizza and beer, getting over to the campsite, starting a sensible size fire, and getting on it!

- By then we will have set up the music and the bands will be ready to shreddy. Maybe. - 19:00 South Circular will be up first blaring tunes you know so jump up and sing along! - 20:30 The Squeaks are up next, literally know nothing about them but if they are anything like their guitarist they will be SHREDDING! - 21:15 The Fractured are going to be headlining, Don’t let their schoolboy looks fool you, These guys will blow your minds. This ones gonna be Gnarly!

- After that its volume down, chill out time around the campfire, drinks flowing and homies chatting until the early hours. -Oh did we forget to mention that not at all dangerous drinking game where you have to find a partner… That too - There's only one job in the morning. Clean everything! Mopping, washing, picking up rubbish. Prizes for the campsite MVP.


- Hangover - Signup from fairly early.

- Brandon will be attempting a briefing and opening the track.

- After breakfast the Eskate boys will be having their own race on the track. That's at 10:45 sharp.

-Immediately after the Giant slalom will be taking place over on the freeride hill. Definitely worth a watch. Its Fast and Scary. You guys should also be getting some Downhill Practice.

- Some time about 13:00 its over to Mr Bodhi Keen for a very serious bit of fun, and an equally serious but not so fun event. That's right it's the street sledge race and Slide Perfect endurance race.

- After that we will be starting race heats which we hope to get through in a few hours. There will be crashes, confusion, and lots of false starts, we're excited.

- By about 16:00 Saturday racing will be over and the hill will be open for more runs! - Podiums are happening at 17:00 for all events - We gotta clean up and get out of there before 18:00 - No, we mean it, go home!



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