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DH Racing Format Update

THE HOG BLOG - Changes to racing

Beginner Friendly Racing:

Racing will be run in two groups, A for more advanced riders, and B for those less experienced. This is done to allow those less confident with downhill and get some experience racing someone of a similar level. After asking people why they didn't sign up to race they all said it was because of feeling intimidated by much more experienced riders. The racing is being run like this because we want to give everyone a chance of experiencing racing hopefully giving them a solid foundation to improve in the future. After all if we don't allow new riders into the DH scene it will eventually become ‘stagnant’.

When completing the race signup form you will be asked your opinion on if you think you should race in Group A or B. This will largely be taken into consideration when we decide the groups. If you compete in Downhill events regularly you will most likely fall into group A, especially riders that have been on euro tour, skated an IDF event or those who race BDSL Nationals for example. If you have never before raced or have only competed in a few events and are not confident with racing group B is probably for you. The split in ability will be based on people who are comfortable and controlled at 30+ mph and those who are still working up to that speed. If you have skated the track before and are comfortable with it, or not skated it before but confident when going at 30/35 mph probably go for group A. If this sounds way too fast for you select group B. After race signup is finished we will post the 2 groups for you to see which one you will be racing in. Anyone can appeal this if you don't like the group you have peen put in please feel free to message me (Brandon Fanthome), I would love to hear what you think.

Despite this change being primarily for less advanced riders we hope that the more advanced riders will appreciate it too. Because our race heats are decided randomly it is very common for a heat to have one of the best riders in the country to be racing 3 complete beginners. We hope that now advanced riders will find every race more challenging and that this format will create tight packs to keep you on your toes the whole of Sunday and not just in the quarter/semi finals.

As it stands currently it is unlikely we will be racing womens/groms categories due to low numbers. This will mean you guys will be racing open and will have to decide on A or B. This however can very possibly change after a brilliant year for women starting the sport. Get yourselves signed up girls! Luge will remain the same.

Requirements: Helmet, gloves with pucks Recommended: Fullface, Skid protection, such as leathers if you have them, kneepads, elbowpads.

Let us know what you think about all of this down in the comments, we are hoping to make hog hill more catered to everyone and a more enjoyable experience for all. Remember to keep it fun and light-hearted - This meant to be a bit of pack riding practice and to give new riders a taste of racing. These aren't going to be super serious races, because of the nature of the hill. Save it for the BDSL.

Event registration, race signup, sponsors and more to follow, stay posted.


The skate hog hill team

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