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First time at Hog Hill?

First time at Hog? Here's some tips and tricks.

KNOW WHERE TO GO: The track: Forest Road, Hainault IG6 3HP Ilford, Redbridge, United Kingdom The campsite: Lambourne End Centre for Outdoor Learning Manor Road, Lambourne End, Essex, RM4 1NB

DO EVERYTHING: The best single piece of advice I can give is to talk to absolutely everybody, Get lessons off a pro, compete in every single event and give 110% into your skating. I promise it will be the best weekend of your year!

ORGANISER DRINKS: If you want to get on that Sunday podium or make friends with the organising team beer is a good place to start!

MAKE SOME NOISE: If you are spectating an event let us know you are there! Spectators can never be bored, There's always something happening!

GET A LIFT: The campsite is close, not that close, ask around, there's plenty of seats available. You think it's a 10 minute skate… an hour later you will probably be very tired as you arrive at the campsite.

HELP THE ORGANISERS: Its requires a lot of hands on the day. If we are setting up a jam grab a ramp and help. The faster its done the more everyone can skate. SATURDAY NIGHT STOMACH GRUMBLE? Hit the chinese, its dank.

NEWTONS SHRED: Find Kami San, hes fixing up dodgy boards and replacing terrible bearings for free all weekend.

THE SHOPS: All of the UK’s best skate shops will be there with bargains and deals, trust me if there's anything you need, it's cheaper this weekend.

CLEAN: Make sure the campsite and centre are spotless when we leave, The organisers don’t have the time so we rely on YOU!

GET EXCITED: It's gonna be so radical!

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