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From British Open Luge Championship HQ

The team at The British Open Luge Championship headquarters are ready for action. The bands for Saturday night are ready, the trophies have been engraved, and a slightly disturbing skate shrine worshiping both things has been been built in the cellar. Fascinating summary of Championship positions going into the final round coming tonight. It’s not a cult, honestly... STANDINGS GOING INTO THE FINAL ROUND

Stone me ‘guvnor, it’s never been more open, with the mathematical possibility of 6 potential champions! Top of the heap is stealth operator Josh Fieldwick, with 5th in round one and a win in round two giving him a healthy 7 points. Snapping at his heels is round one winner Lionill Ironlung with 5 points and behind them on 4 points a piece are ex champion Ell Macey and rising star Tyrone Jessepy. The last two contenders are another ex champ and international Luge campaigner Gareth Chamberlain, and daredevil stunt man Robbie “Roadkill” Stevens with 3 points each. Depending upon who crashes, who seriously injures themselves on the campsite, and who can be bothered to turn up, any of these nutters could clinch the title on Sunday.

Reigning champion Andy Speight succumbed to an old war wound in round one, and couldn’t make round two because he was rewiring his holiday home in Bermuda, so he’s out of the frame. However, expect a strong showing on Sunday when the all new, all aluminium SP8 Luge makes it’s U.K. racing debut with a fully fit Andy on board. After his retirement from Olympic pole vaulting, Andy needed a hobby, and pole vaulting’s loss was street luge’s gain, and don’t forget, Andy is sponsoring the championship this year, so expect some SP8 swag on the prize table. Right, that’s enough bullshit for one night, I’m off the learn how to play the guitar, see you at the campsite and hopefully, on the Hill.


Pete Davies

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