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Play Safe - Please Read

Track Safety:

Okay sorry for a bit of boring stuff, but its super important.

It's unfortunate that this has to be said because it's mostly common sense, however we have discovered that some folk on previous occasions haven't applied it. We want to make the event as safe as possible for everyone, so here we go.

On both Saturday morning and Sunday morning, when all riders are present, I will be holding a track briefing which every person present at the event must attend.

Please note all of the following will be mentioned at both briefings.

No riders are to be on the track skating unless they are signed up, with a wrist band, wearing a helmet, and have attended the morning briefing.


At no point should any person be skating against or across the flow of traffic.

You should not be skating up the track or across the track.

You should only be skating DOWN.

Certain disciplines will have allocated areas, please see the header pic.

At no point throughout the entire event are riders allowed to ride from the bottom of the freeride/ GS hill onto the DH Race track.

During the GS on Sunday we will notify riders that the Chicane section of the DH run will be closed and that all riders practicing should use the DH run off track marked in orange instead.

During Most of Saturday the mini freeride hill will be closed due to the joining slalom hill being used.

All of the above arrangements are made to stop riders colliding at the bottom of their respective hills during different events and MUST be adhered to.

ALL attendees of the event should be vigilant when walking around the track making sure to walk on the grass at the side, not on the road/ track. Make sure to cross in a safe place, ensuring there are no skaters coming down before you step out. In other words, look uphill. Seems like something everyone should be able to do? You might be surprised...

There will be NO eskaters present on Saturday.

Eskaters will be present on Sunday organising their own race at 11:00am. During this time the entire track will be briefly closed. Eskaters are permitted to use the DH section of the track for the rest of Sunday following the same rules as everyone else including those regarding the closure of part of the hill due to the GS. At no point should any Eskater be riding up the hill or anywhere other than the marked runs in the downhill direction. So on the way up carry or drag your boards , either way, I don't want to see them being ridden up. Harsh? Maybe, nowhere near as harsh as the injuries caused by a certain "incident" at a past event. That being said, we do welcome the crew from Evolve skateboards to Hog Hill with open arms and recognise that you were not responsible for the "incident."

We are just trying to keep everyone alive, stoked and in one piece.

We may have one inline skater at the event who will be under separate instruction from event organisers, That person is the ONLY exclusion from these rules.

Helmets must be worn at all times for anyone riding, with the exception of the freestyle skaters. You know who you are, if not, it's not you. Put a helmet on.

Participants should follow all instructions from the organising team throughout the course of the event and attend the track safety meeting on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Participants should adhere to all track rules and regulations and should understand that disregarding these is causing a deliberate unnecessary risk for which any participant will be immediately removed from site.

Boring stuff over, sounds daunting but don't stress, this is a very relaxed event.

If you don't understand anything, be sure to ask.

Lets have a rad weekend, see ya all Saturday morning, somewhere around 12:00am.

Ya boy, Brandon

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