The Crackling 2021

15th-16th May 2021

Firstly, Welcome if you've never been to Hog Hill before! 

Secondly, please sign up to our pages on Facebook and Instagram, you'll see more info going through them on the run up to the event.

Most importantly, you gotta have a a helmet to ride! This is for your own safety, and we can't let you ride without one. Redbridge Cycling Centre is a Council-run property and demand this as a basic. Rightly so!
We also recommend gloves, and these are mandatory for downhill.
If you're DH racing, you'll need a full face, and we strongly recommend additional pads (knees, elbows, etc).

Finally, Get your tickets and tee-shirts online!

This time round waivers will be digital as part of your ticket (apart from you under 18's), but we have copies in the links further down this page.

Any questions, hit up Facebook or our Insta, we're most active there.

See you on the Hill!



Saturday 15th May:

-Signup and arrivals from 12:00 onwards.

-There will be a track briefing at the opening of the full track, probably around 13:00. Until this time there will be no use of any hills, however you may roll around the flat area at the top and test out some ramps. You lot will just be chatting anyway.

-Once the track is opened, get skating!

-All afternoon the UKSSA will be running Hybrid Slalom on the hill running parallel with the Flat Ground area. Feel free to chat to these guys and maybe have a go at wiggling yourself.

-We need to be packed up and off site by 18:00.

The Campsite:

- Between 18:00 and 19:00 you guys should be grabbing lots of Chinese, pizza and beer, getting over to the campsite, starting a sensible size fire, and getting on it!

- It's a good Spring evening to chill out time around the campfire, drinks flowing and chatting with the homies until the early hours.

- There's only one job in the morning. Clean everything! Mopping, washing, picking up rubbish. 

We do get an inspection that has an impact on whether we can stay again!

Sunday 16th May:

- Signup from fairly early to mid morning. 
- A second briefing and opening the track.

Giant slalom kicks off over on the freeride hill. Definitely worth a watch. Its Fast and Scary.

- We gotta clean up and get out of there before 18:00 
- No, we mean it, go home!