Giant Slalom

Dear Skaters,

It is with measured regret that we have made the decision to cancel the 2020 events due to the current health climate caused by Covid-19.

Skating is all about taking calculated risks. The Corona Virus is an unmeasurable danger that we cannot justify asking skaters to address.

Skateboarders have often questioned the norm, showing two fingers to ‘The Man’ whilst in pursuit of self-expression. When that ‘Man’ is Mother Nature we should stand down. Not only can she can take away those very fingers, but she can eradicate the vessel that holds them. And that vessel’s friends. The lady commands respect.

All being well, we can return to Hog Hill for The Crackling in May 2021.

Until that time, take care.

And skate in fresh air.



17-18 October 2020 - CANCELLED


Skate Hog Hill 2020

We skate.

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